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" The Wave of the Future in International Transportation "

Challenger Overseas is a privately owned progressive American company specializing in international transportation services. Built on integrity and taking pride in what we do, we offer a professional and personal service that is fully dedicated to the individual needs of our clients. 

 With worldwide representation and a global agency network that transcends all borders, we provide a system to move your cargo from any place in the world to any other place, no matter how remote.

The key to successfully meet and handle the complexities of international shipping is up to date knowledge,  planning, and foresight. Our experience and dedication enables us to provide all the services you need to complete the final stage of your company’s sales effort; and that is to deliver your product. This is what we do: competitively, professionally, and personally. 

Challenger Overseas, the wave of the future in international transportation.



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Challenger Overseas L.L.C. is fully licensed and bonded with the US Federal Maritime Commission and is a licensed transportation broker

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